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Mama’s Tattoo

Always Original, Tailored with Extra Care
- Just How You Want It!

Welcome to a space where your dreams turn into artwork. I'm Katie G. Tomaselli, your guide on the journey of self-expression. At Mamatattooprague, you meet not only a passion for ink but also a warm and caring atmosphere.


I'm a tattoo artist, a mother, and a bit of a pitbull – after years in the corporate world, I decided during maternity leave to turn my career upside down and dive into the world of tattooing. I grabbed the opportunity and never let go, continually growing and evolving since then.


With me, you won't wake up with a “tattoo hangover”. We always consult your ideas in advance. I enjoy being inspired by your imagination and helping you materialize it. I’ll prepare an original design (or modify yours), and we’ll fine-tune it before your visit. I'm here to save you time and nerves, ensuring you leave with a piece you love.


Experienced in a wide range of tattoo styles and techniques, from black and white to color, I particularly enjoy creating mandalas, lines, and abstract elements. If your old tattoo no longer reflects who you are, come in, and I'll cover or fix it.


Is this your first tattoo? No worries. I'm here with all the instructions on what to expect, how to prepare, and how to care for your tattoo.


I use only the best materials that are kind to your skin and the planet, practical, and affordable. I regularly travel to international studios, soaking in new techniques and trends, which reflects in the uniqueness of each tattoo created here.


I am waiting for you in a chic and welcoming studio in the center of Prague, infused with light and designed with flair, mirroring the creative spirit that defines me and my work. It's a place where you can leave your worries behind and immerse yourself in a world of inspiration and beauty. Feel free to come with kids, a friend, or your grandmother. The studio is prepared for visitors of all ages.


If you're looking for a new career direction or want to expand your horizons, you're in the right place. As a tattoo artist with rich experience, I now pass on my knowledge and techniques in the friendly and supportive atmosphere of our courses and workshops.


Have questions? I'm here for you. Looking forward to your message.


With love,

Mom - Katie G. Tomaselli

Tattoo from a mom in the media

I’m never done working on myself. Last year, Forbes Česko appreciated my diligence and determination when they included me in their annual selection of inspiring stories of successful Czech women, Forbes Woman. - Kérky od mámy - Mama tatérka (english) (english)


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