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Complaints procedure for activities in which the integrity of human skin is violated.

Provision of service

  • Immediately before the service is provided, the customer is acquainted with its course, the client has the opportunity to ask additional questions

  • If the customer does not inform the service provider that he suffers from any of the above contraindications (listed when acquainting the client with the services provided and their course) or that his health has changed since the last visit, it is not possible to complain about the service and the customer assumes full responsibility. for possible aesthetic and health consequences.

  • By paying for the service - tattooing, without reporting a defect, the customer agrees with the work and thus waives the possibility of a possible later complaint.



  • Complaints about the services provided must be made by the customer immediately and at the place where the service was provided. Subsequent complaints will not be taken into account

  • The only exception may be the missing color after healing, if one's own fault can be ruled out, such as torn scabs, cuts, etc.

  • Links caused by carelessness are not considered defects
    and particularly dangerous client behavior (shrinking, hasty movement, etc.)

  • Any defects in the cover tattoo are not considered defects - they are  complicated work, where the result of work is not certain due to the nature of overlapping tattoos and sometimes improvisation is needed - deviations of the design  

  • Defects in color, drinking of paint in places unsuitable for tattoos are not considered defects ( list here )


Complaint handling

  • The service provider decides on the complaint immediately, at its discretion, either by providing a discount, a refund or an immediate remedy, or an agreement on remediation after healing.

  • In the event that the service provider rejects the complaint, it will issue a written justification for the rejection to the customer.


Final provision

  • These complaint rules take effect on 15.12. 2020

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