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Tattoo from
a mom.


Tattoo from a mom. 

Always original, tailor-made, and with extra care.

Watch out; it’s addictive!

With me, you won't wake up with a tattoo hangover. We always consult your ideas in advance. I enjoy being inspired by your imagination and helping you materialize it. I will prepare an original design (or revise yours), and we’ll fine-tune it before your visit.

I’m never done working on myself. Last year, Forbes Česko appreciated my diligence and determination when they included me in their annual selection of inspiring stories of successful Czech women, Forbes Woman.

I dip into various tattoo styles and techniques. I make both black & white and color tattoos. I like to play with micro tattoos and I enjoy doing linework, dotwork, abstract tattoo art, and my top favorite motif is mandalas. 

I regularly travel to make tattoos in foreign tattoo parlors, where I search new inspiration and hone new skills. I have already been to Iceland, Finland, Italy, Germany, Britain and more...

For the same reason, you can meet guest tattoo artists in my Prague tattoo studio and get an original tattoo from them.


Upcoming events or guests

Do you want to see me in person?

Just watch the events that I organize in the salon or that I am going to do!

You will often find me at charity events of all kinds.



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