Thank you for reading and acknowledging this information.

The moment you leave the studio, it becomes solely your responsibility to take care of your tattoo.

By submitting a deposit for the tattoo, you agree to the contents of all notices below - terms and conditions.

Before tattooing

⚠️ Any compromise of your immunity represents a problem during tattooing. Both because it makes the healing process difficult and because of hygiene and work safety. In addition, if you are taking antibiotics, your body will fight against foreign substances and therefore against ink. Email me, and we'll schedule you for some other day.


In any case, inform me if you have any of the following contraindications and ideally also consult your doctor if you have any doubts:

❌ infectious diseases (sore throat, flu, hepatitis, AIDS, ...) 

❌ diabetes

❌ blood clotting disorder

❌ increased blood pressure, heart disease

❌ allergies (e.g. to disinfection)

❌ pregnancy and breast-feeding 

❌ skin rash

❌ epilepsy…


✔️ Especially if you are getting a larger tattoo, I recommend taking vitamin A, C and moisturizing with panthenol. 

✔️ Instead of going to the pub, go to bed early and get a good sleep. Fatigue increases pain perception, and alcohol dilutes the blood and displaces the color. 


⚠️ Do not sunbathe. Not even in a solarium. If you come with burnt skin, I can't tattoo you. We will have to cancel the session, and you will lose your deposit.

⚠️ Do not take blood thinners, but do not stop taking them without consulting your doctor.

⚠️ Do not take painkillers. They also dilute blood.

⚠️ Avoid drinking too much coffee/caffeine, smoking, and, yes, alcohol.


✔️ Before each tattoo, I need a signed informed consent from you to perform the tattoo. The full text can be downloaded below, check it out now. If you are under 18, your legal representative must sign it for you:


After tattoo

All materials that will come into contact with your skin during the tattooing process are disposable, sterile, safe, and first-class quality. After I'm done tattooing, I will professionally clean your skin, disinfect it and provide you with instructions on how to take care of it. The success and quality of healing are determined mainly by your care after leaving the salon. A tattoo only heals for a few weeks, but you have it for life. So read the following instructions carefully, and if anything is unclear to you, do not hesitate to write and consult me.



✔️ First of all, wash your hands thoroughly every time you come in contact with your tattoo. Strict hygiene is key to good healing and the prevention of inflammation.


⚠️ Do not use products other than those recommended by me for softening and regenerating the skin and under no circumstances use these without a consultation: ❌ FRAMYKOIN ❌ CHILDREN'S OIL ❌ BETADIN! I will advise and provide you with the ideal product in the studio. If you think you are allergic to the ink or aftercare product or have an infection, contact your doctor or me immediately.


⚠️ Don't pick at it. Your tattoo might get itchy. That's normal. Just don't scratch it. You can destroy your tattoo and infect it.

⚠️ Do not actively tan for 1-2 weeks—neither in the sun nor the solarium. Always protect your tattoo with a UV factor of at least SPF 50 if you want to keep it in the best possible shape.

⚠️ Do not soak your tattoo for 1-2 weeks. Watch out for water and sweat. Skip the gym and exercise, sauna, pool, and baths.


The most innovative and arguably the best way for the trouble-free healing of your new tattoo is Suprasorb F foil. It is a self-adhesive, transparent bandage that you can take off in 5 days.

✔️ Tattoos can still exude a bit of ink and look "smudged" under the foil. No worries, that's perfectly normal.

✔️ After removing the foil, I recommend treating the tattoo with a regenerating cream for another 1-2 weeks. You can buy tattoo cosmetics directly from me.



✔️ I will cover your tattoo with a protective cling film, which you will remove after 3-5 hours.

✔️ After removing the foil, gently rinse the tattoo with soap (preferably gel, antibacterial). Let it dry and moisturize it with a product I will recommend. You can buy tattoo cosmetics directly from me.

✔️ Do not cover the tattoo anymore. Only in a dusty environment, I recommend wearing long sleeves or pants for 1-2 weeks.

✔️ Some color and blood may still be excreted from the tattoo on the first night. Be careful not to get your sheets dirty. If the wound sticks to your sheet, don't tear it off, but peel it off gently. If that doesn't work, moisten it with water.

✔️ Tattoos should be washed daily with antibacterial soap and then moisturized 2-3 times a day for 2-3 weeks. You can moisturize less sweating areas (such as calves and ankles) more often. The purpose is to keep the place soft and prevent it from getting dry. But also to not over-grease it.


Tattoo correction

Sometimes a tattoo needs a touch-up. This most often happens in larger black areas. If a bit of color falls out of the tattoo or the color needs to be revived, send me a quality photo of the healed tattoo, and we will arrange a date for correction. But first, read what the correction is and when it applies:


✔️ The correction covers a period of 3 weeks - 6 months from when I made your tattoo. Don't come earlier - the tattoo isn’t healed yet.

⚠️ If you come later than 6 months, the correction starts from CZK 1,000.

⚠️ If a correction is needed due to your incorrect care, the correction starts from CZK 1,000.

⚠️ If you are a no-show at the agreed correction session, the next session costs CZK 1,000.


Note that the correction does not apply in the following cases:

❌ Cover up tattoos

❌ Repairs after work by another tattoo artist

❌ Tattoos over scars

❌ Tattoos in unsuitable places, of which you have been notified in advance: fingers and toes, palms, back of the hand, wrists, neck, ear or behind the ear, insteps, joints such as the elbow, knee, …  👉 [FULL LIST]


Advance on tattoos


  • Záloha je vždy ve výši od 1000Kč dle velikosti a složitosti motivu​

  • Záloha se odečítá z celkové ceny tetování. 

  • Záloha slouží jako záruka toho, že jste skutečně vážný zájemce o tetování a na termín tedy i skutečně přijdete.

  • Pokud pro vás připravujeme motiv, což činíme většinou každému a vy termín zrušíte, tak záloha logicky propadá = náš čas strávený přípravou motivu jsou hodiny práce = je to práce která není ani nemůže být zdarma.

  • Pokud se domluvíme na určitém motivu, návrh byl zpracován, ale vy změníte požadavky na motiv v takovém smyslu, že se musí motiv kompletně přepracovat, je tatér oprávněn žádat peníze za takto strávený čas navíc.

  • Pokud chcete změnu termínu, záloha vám nepropadne, ale musíte nám požadavek  oznámit nejpozději 3 pracovní dny před datem původně domluveného termínu.​

  • Pro ty kdo neustále a z jakéhokoliv důvodu mění termíny, máme pravidlo 2x a dost, při domluvě třetího nového termínu budeme požadovat platbu v plné výši tetování předem !​


The deposit secures you a session, guarantees that you are really interested in getting a tattoo, and protects me from investing energy in those who aren’t serious about it.


It takes time and effort to prepare a design. Therefore, please note that if you change the motif requirements dramatically, the work required for redesign will be reflected in the final price of the tattoo.


I know you're looking forward to seeing your design. No worries. I will send it to you as soon as it is ready, no later than 3 days before your tattoo session.


Deposits start at CZK 1,000 and depend on the complexity of the design. The deposit will be deducted from the tattoo's final price, and you will pay the rest in cash or by card in the studio.


✔️ ​Wire the deposit to this Airbank account: 1210659035/3030

✔️ Write the name under which you are communicating with me and your session date in the note. E.g., Juicy Strawberry 02.02.2022

✔️ By sending the deposit, you agree to the [the terms and conditions].



Canceling or rescheduling your session


⚠️ If you cancel your session entirely or don’t show up, the deposit is forfeited.

⚠️ If you need to change the date due to illness or other serious reasons, please let me know by email as soon as possible, but no later than 3 working days before the agreed date. Otherwise, the deposit is forfeited.

⚠️ You can reschedule twice with no consequences. If you are rescheduling for the third time, I require the full payment for your tattoo upfront. 


Tattoo Voucher

Tattoo The validity of the tattoo voucher is one year from payment, the tattoo voucher is portable but can only be applied to tattoos.

⚠️ The tattoo voucher is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

⚠️ Tattoo voucher then works as a deposit, if the final motif is higher than the value of the voucher, it is necessary to pay the difference in price

⚠️ Other matters are governed by the applicable terms and conditions.