Make yourself or your loved ones happy with a unique personal gift

Each piece is one of a kind


Paintings for modern art lovers

I make non-traditional paintings for all art enthusiasts who like to surround themselves with beautiful things and welcome an original piece on their wall. My specialties are mosaics, line drawings, and digital graphics.


I have loved painting since I was a child, but I started to devote myself to it only during my first maternity leave before I even started tattooing. At that time I met an Italian painter, Silvia Vezzuto, who awakened the desire to paint in me. Silvia invited me to an exhibition, where I presented my first five paintings and four of them got sold! I haven't stopped painting since.


The first technique I fell for is mosaic. I enjoy the touch of the material - tiles, sand, semi-precious stones, or even torn necklaces and earrings - which I transform into paintings with my own hands. Then came line drawing and digital graphics, which incredibly enchanted me. It opened the door for me to a dimension I couldn't reach with just my hands.


Choose an original piece for your wall in the e-shop. Or better yet, stop by my studio and check it out with your own eyes ;)


Treat yourself to an original design (not only) for your shoes and caps

Would you like to have an extraordinary piece in your wardrobe that is designed according to your wishes and that captures your distinctive style? I will paint your shoes or a cap with a motif of your choice. Whether it's just for fun or for a special occasion, this piece will be uniquely yours.


The idea was born during the lockdown when it was nearly impossible to buy gifts in person. I was puzzled by what to give my loved ones for their birthdays. In the end, I thought of buying sneakers and markers and creating an original artwork out of them. The idea spread on Instagram, and the demand started to grow. So I decided to dedicate myself to it, and now you can alsol ask for your unique piece.


I paint shoes and caps according to your wishes. You can buy a voucher and have a creative gift suitable for any anniversary or celebration. I can also breathe life into your older pieces, so don't hesitate to write, and we'll make it happen.


Fans of my work can also buy a souvenir or gift in the form of a T-shirt, tank top, or notebook printed with my graphics.


Browse the e-shop and get inspired.